The Rev. Terry Bennett - Interim Priest
Terry was born outside of Boston, Mass. His father’s family are Kitchener folk of German extraction and his mother’s family are New England Yankee stock. He grew up in schools in New England, New York and in the English Lake District. In 1969 his parents, who met during the second World War in Lincoln, moved to Sudbury, Ontario. The Canadian side of his family had cottages on Georgian Bay and from 9 months of age, he spent summers some 10 miles North of Honey Harbour.

Terry worked summers at the INCO operations in Copper Cliff while an undergraduate at University. After University he taught grade school for three years before entering Trinity College in Toronto. During those three years of Divinity he worked in Wawa, White River, South River, Sundridge and Toronto during the summers.

In 1979 he was ordained a deacon in Bracebridge and went to work at St. Luke’s Cathedral in Sault Ste. Marie as a curate. In 1980 he was priested and married his wife, Leslie, in the Sault. A year later they welcomed their first child, Kate. In 1982 they had their first parish of Blind River, Massey and the Spanish River Ojibway Reserve. Their son, Will, soon followed in 1983 and by 1987 they were sent to Bracebridge. Terry served as Regional Dean for six years and was made a Canon in 1992.

In 1995 Terry was asked to be the Dean of Ontario and Rector of St. George’s Cathedral in Kingston. He served there for five years to settle a painful chapter in the Cathedral & Diocese of Ontario.

Having promised five years to restore the Cathedral, Terry was ready to return to Lake Country and served five years as Regional Dean of Hastings and Rector of Bancroft and Area.

In 2005 the Bennett’s were asked to come to St. James’ Orillia. Terry had spent many summers in the Huronia Region and knew it well. Terry served on Diocesan Council, taught “Fresh Start” and built St. James’ Orillia into one of the largest parishes in the Diocese of Toronto.

In 2016, after close to 13 years, Terry and Leslie retired from St. James’ Orillia. Within a matter of months he was asked to cover Craighurst & Midhurst for several weeks, then, off to Cookstown and Churchill for 13 months.

Most every parish Terry and Leslie have served, has been in turmoil. It’s Terry’s prayer that Trinity will recover all its former strength in the coming year and is looking forwarding to assisting Trinity during this time.
Rev. Terry’s schedule is flexible to allow for evening meetings and pastoral needs and he can be reached through the Church Office or email him at

Part-Time Clergy
The Rev. Janet Mitchel is a part-time clergy and will be taking part in Sunday Services and leading Bible Studies.

Honorary Retired Clergy
We are blessed to have retired Rev. Canon Frances Lightbourn as part of our parish community. She brings a wealth of experience to Trinity and we are very fortunate to have her.

The Wardens are lay people who play a particularly important role in the life of our church community. They are responsible for many of the day to day business aspects of running a parish. They also act with the Incumbent to form the corporate entity of the church. Although they technically have different titles, between them they share the responsibilities equally.

Sexaul Misconduct Policy
It is important that all who vounteer have participated in this seminar.  Please conduct Mary Henderson for further information.

 Anglican Diocease Brochure.


Parish Administrator - Don Smith

Office Administrator - Sue Taylor


Trinity has a safe area set aside for young children.  It is staffed by a team of volunteers.

Servers - Parish Admin - Sue Taylor
Music Director - Rev Janet Mitchell
Choir President - Susan Reichenbacher
Trinity Band - Bob Garrett
Advisory Board - Mary Henderson
Busby Centre Representative - Mary Caldwell
Parochial Tribunal - Al Botiuk, Tom Bookey, Dianne Jones
Flower Convener - Judy Craig
Coffee Hour Coordinator - Margaret Kenny
Women's Fellowship - Mae Harasymiw
Men's Group Coordinator - Bill Sergeant
Garden Team - Susan Reichenbacker, Judy Craig
Treasurer - Peter Rodger
Book Keeper - Central Tax Service

Congregation Lesson Readers Coord - Monica Cox
Sidepersons Coordinator - Jim Laking
Organist - Marina Laking
Worship Committee - Bob Garrett
Envelope Secretary - Peter Rodger
Screening in Faith- Tom Bookey, Mary Henderson
Parish Nurse - Susan Reichenbacher
Scouting- 12th Barrie - Joan Hill
Bayside Mission Volunteers Coord - Bill Sergeant
Chancel Guild - Judy Craig
Lay Delegates to Synod - Joan Hill - Alternate Jacki Garrett  
Happenings Editor - Sue Taylor