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The Bucket Brigade continues to help the Women & Children Centre!

Trinity Anglican Church is carrying on for a 3rd year, with their outreach program to help the Women and Children’s Shelter in Barrie.
On average over 100 Families are assisted by the Women and Children’s Centre with about half being able to return to their homes, while the rest had to find new locations. Because they are not able to return to their homes to access their things, due to unsafe circumstances, these Women and children have had to start all over again.

The "Trinity Bucket Brigade" has been established at Trinity to provide women and children, assisted by the center, with some essentials to obtain a fresh new start in their lives. The contents, donated by parishioners, for each Bucket has a total value of $75.
The buckets themselves are provided by the CANADIAN TIRE STORE!
Every family in the parish is invited to donate a bucket filled with cleaning supplies. Other additional essentials that are welcome would be towels, washcloths, new sheets, pots and pans. These items will be gratefully received at the church all year round (Not only from parish members, but also the Barrie Community) and then distributed to the shelter by the “Bucket Brigade”.
Trinity Church is extremely grateful for the support and contributions made by the Women’s Fellowship Group of Sandy Cove! With their help, this year’s outreach program was tremendously successful in meeting the needs of the shelter.
Donations of any items mentioned here, are welcome at the Trinity Church Administration office by simply phoning 705-728-2691 to arrange a time to drop them off. (Office hours are Monday to Thursday, mornings only)
The “Trinity Bucket Brigade” includes, Nancy Monkman, Mae and Harry Harasymiw, Katheryn and Al Botuik, Janet Duffus, Jan Martinelli and Mary Ellen Howey.
The buckets of essential items are graciously welcomed at the Women’s & Children centre, by Kaity Fotherby, the outreach co-ordinator. Helping load up the buckets is Ruth Wagner from the shelter.
Kaity Fotherby can be contacted directly at the Women & Children’s Center 115 Edghill Dr. (705-728-6300, ext 228).


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All are welcome.

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