Nottawasaga Deanery Day -  Trinity Anglican Church, Barrie

 The annual Anglican Church Women’s Nottawasaga Deanery Day meeting was held at Trinity on Thursday, 12 October 2017. Mae Harasymiw, the ACW Chairperson for Trinity, welcomed the 38 ladies in attendance as the Trinity ladies provided fresh muffins with tea and coffee prior to the traditional Holy Communion service at 10:00 a.m. The service was conducted by Rev Janet, assisted by Rev Joan and Canon Donald, who gave a thanksgiving message. Larry Palmer, the Executive Director of the Camp Hill Community, was the guest speaker during the service. A collection of $273.00 was received from those present and was given to Larry Palmer in aid of the Camp Hill Community Project.

 Following an enjoyable lunch together in the Parish Hall, Rev Joan Cavanaugh-Clark, the ACW Chaplain, opened the meeting with some of her personal stories and reflections on being a chaplain and the ACW ministries. The business meeting followed. There were nine of the 15 churches from the Deanery represented at the meeting. It was noted that four of the churches had amalgamated since last year’s Deanery meeting. Each of the nine churches provided a report about the numerous activities that they conduct throughout the year as outreach in their local communities or internally to support activities within their churches such as themed dinners.  

 St. Margaret’s of Scotland, Barrie has agreed to be the host church for the 2018 Annual Deanery Day meeting.

 The Trinity ACW would like to thank Rev Janet, Mae Harasymiw, Jan Marinelli, Marg Kenny, Kay Botiuk and Monika Sergeant for all that they did to make the meeting a success.



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