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Trinity Hill Top Day Camp

Trinity Hill Top Day Camp has had an incredible summer. This was in part thanks to the renovated basement area that the campers were able to use during the hot, sweltering days this summer. Many thanks to all of those who helped with those renovations.

The children who attended loved their leaders and all the fun outings and activities that took place. During the eight themed weeks field trips were taken to the Tiffin Centre, Five Points Theatre to see “Caribou Cave”, Wye Marsh, Elmvale Jungle Zoo, Grace United Church to see a play called, “Zac and the Magic Blue Stone”, Smart Moves, Rounds Ranch, the Barrie splash pad, and even a trip to the fire station where the children were able to see the responsibilities of a fireman. Games were played, experiments were done, crafts were made, laughter and fun was in abundance!

In total 141 registered children came through the doors this year and were met each day by 5 warm and friendly leaders. We are grateful for Sophie’s leadership and the hard work and commitment by Maddy, Mansel, Kayla and Evie. This would not have been possible if it were not for work that Ashlan MacDonald did as our Admin – Marketer in the weeks leading up to the camp.

We’d call this a great summer for Trinity Hill Top Day Camp! Hopefully the memories these kids made will last a lifetime! We are looking forward to seeing everyone back next year!!

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The 2019 THT Day Camp Committee:

Ray Martinelli, Shelley Haughton, and Bill Sergeant