Trinity ACW Events to Mark on your Calendar:          

1. Women’s Fellowship ACW General Meeting on Monday, 21 January, 2019 at 10:30 a.m. The meeting is to plan events 2019. All women are invited to attend, share ideas and help with the growth of the church and our outreach programs. The meeting will be held at Jessie Paquette’s place, Apt 303, 6 Bayfield St, Barrie. Please RSVP with Jessie, 705-726-7555.

2.Dear_Friends:                                                                                                                                       Thank you seems very inadequate for all your wonderful work and contributions to our outreach program. We and the recipients are very grateful for your generosity. All items received have been distributed to the following:

·        David Busby Street Centre

·        Youth Haven

·        Elizabeth Fry Society

·        Women’s & Children’s Shelter

·        Sr. Wish Foundation

·        Baby Layette Program

·        Northern Ontario Nursing Stations

The isolated Nursing Stations are in about 75 remote villages north of Highway 17 are accessible only by plane. The nurses distribute mitts, scarves, socks, quilts, afghans, sweaters etc. to all those in need who come to the clinics. Our outreach programs will continue throughout the New Year. On behalf of all the recipients we pray that you had a very blessed Christmas filled with love, laughter, family, friends, and the joy and fond memories of Christmases past.

Happy New Year too!
Trinity Anglican Church – Women’s Fellowship ACW


Dear Trinity Anglican Church Women’s Fellowship:

First, let me thank you for your ongoing support and generous donation of 20 buckets of cleaning supplies and household items through the ‘Bucket Brigade.’  I cannot express how important your support is. You are helping to provide a safe refuge to women and children who turn to us for service at a very scary time in their lives. Their homes are not a safe places for them and they are looking to us for help.

Presently we have 11 women and 19 children staying with us. They will stay an average of 3 months, often arriving with little more than the clothes on their backs. We do everything we can, above and beyond, to meet each unique individual’s needs. First and foremost we provide a safe place to stay, food, warm beds, and all the guidance and counseling supports to aid them on their journey.

You are helping us meet the needs of our clients, both in the shelter and in the community. You are helping to ensure we can be there for women and children who are coming to us broken and in need of a safe place to recover from the traumas they’ve faced.

Right now the staff at the Women & Children’s Shelter of Barrie are preparing for the rush of requests that occur the moment school is out . This is the time of the year that women who are living in abusive relationships prepare to leave their abusive partners. Without the support of donors, like you, we simply would not be able to support the many women and children in our community who need our services. Your generosity is truly making a difference and helping them on their journey.

We would like to invite you to attend our Annual General Meeting on June 7th in the evening at the Knights of Columbus Hall (93 Berczy Street). If you are interested in attending this event or have any questions please contact our Development Manager, Lisa Spinks-Smith at 705-792-2188 or

Kind regards,  Teresa MacLennan, Executive Director


Elizabeth Fry Society Food Basket

The Elizabeth Fry Society is able to house up to 18 women. On any given day it has 12 to 18 in residence. The allotted food budget is $18,000.00 per year, scarcely enough! Summer is traditionally a time when donations are low, and the need is great. A suggestion for donations, instead of one can or package of soup or vegetables etc., consider getting several cans of the same thing. Mixing different vegetables is fine, but mixing several kinds of soup together is not so good, and one can will only feed 3 - 4 people. Two cans of salmon and 1 can of luncheon meat don't mix, and neither make many sandwiches, but several cans will. Please consider bringing something in each week to help during the summer and fall. Thanks,

Women's Fellowship ACW Bucket Brigade Blitz 2018:

01 - Kay and Al Botiuk, Jan Duffus, Sam Howey, Nancy Monkman, and Jan Martinelli - Trinity's Bucket Brigade Team, March 2018.jpg

The Bucket Brigade Comes To The Rescue!

The Bucket Brigade continues to help the Women & Children Centre!

Trinity Anglican Church is carrying on for a 3RD year, with their outreach program to help the Women and Children’s Shelter in Barrie.
On average over 100 Families are assisted by the Women and Children’s Centre with about half being able to return to their homes, while the rest had to find new locations. Because they are not able to return to their homes to access their things, due to unsafe circumstances, these Women and children have had to start all over again.

The "Trinity Bucket Brigade" has been established at Trinity to provide women and children, assisted by the center, with some essentials to obtain a fresh new start in their lives. The contents, donated by parishioners, for each Bucket has a total value of $75. The buckets themselves are provided by the CANADIAN TIRE STORE!
Every family in the parish is invited to donate a bucket filled with cleaning supplies. Other additional essentials that are welcome would be towels, washcloths, new sheets, pots and pans. These items will be gratefully received at the church all year round (Not only from parish members, but also the Barrie Community) and then distributed to the shelter by the “Bucket Brigade”.
Trinity Church is extremely grateful for the support and contributions made by the Women’s Fellowship Group of Sandy Cove! With their help, this year’s outreach program was tremendously successful in meeting the needs of the shelter.
Donations of any items mentioned here, are welcome at the Trinity Church Administration office by simply phoning 705-728-2691 to arrange a time to drop them off. (Office hours are Monday to Thursday, mornings only)
The “Trinity Bucket Brigade” includes, Nancy Monkman, Mae and Harry Harasymiw, Katheryn and Al Botuik, Janet Duffus, Jan Martinelli, Monika Sergeant, and Mary Ellen Howey.
The buckets of essential items are graciously welcomed at the Women’s & Children centre, by Kaity Fotherby, the outreach co-ordinator. Helping load up the buckets is Ruth Wagner from the shelter.
Kaity Fotherby can be contacted directly at the Women & Children’s Center 115 Edghill Dr. (705-728-6300, ext 228).