Suitable items for Busby Center: Toques, mitts, scarfs, socks, underwear, long underwear, t-shirts, pocket combs, Kleenex packs, tooth brushes, disposable razors. Travel size items: shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, lotion and shaving cream.

Suitable items for Elizabeth Fry: Hats, scarves, mitts, socks, slippers, shampoo, conditioner, lotions, soap, Kleenex, (these can be bigger containers as they have room to keep them) makeup, nail polish, etc.

Thank you for remembering those in need this Christmas.


Thank you for your support.

Mae ~ Women's Fellowship ACW


On Fridays, Trinity opens its doors and provides a place for those people in the Barrie area who need a warm place to sleep. Thank you to the many volunteers who make this much needed resource a reality. It would nice if they would clean up the mess they make though. Trinity is getting very tired of having to scrub the kitchen and floors every Saturday after they leave.

Elizabeth Fry Society of Simcoe County

Trinity Church supports the Elizabeth Fry Society of Simcoe County through donations. For more information please see the following link.

The Bucket Brigade

The Bucket Brigade Comes To The Rescue!

Trinity Anglican Church is continuing for the second year, their outreach program to help the Women and Children’s Shelter in Barrie.

Of 120 Families assisted by the Women and Children’s Center in 2015, about half are able to return to their homes, while the rest had to find new locations.  Because they are not able to return to their homes to access their things, they have had to start all over again.

The "Trinity Bucket Brigade" has been established at Trinity to provide women and children, assisted by the center, with some essentials to obtain a fresh new start in their lives.  The contents, donated by parishioners, for each Bucket has a total value of $75.

The buckets themselves are provided by Home Hardware!

Donations of any items mentioned here, are welcome at the Trinity Church Administration office by simply phoning 705-728-2691 to arrange a time to drop them off.

The buckets are graciously welcomed by the Women’s & Children centre, managed by Kaity Fotherby.

The “Trinity Bucket Brigade” includes, Nancy Monkman, Mae Harasymiw, Katheryn Botuik, Harry Harasymiw, Janet Duffus, Monika Sergeant, Cathy Frechette and Mary Ellen Howey. 

Every family in the parish is invited to donate a bucket filled with cleaning supplies. Other additional essentials that are welcome would be towels, washcloths, new sheets, pots and pans.  These items will be gratefully received at the church all year round (Not only from parish members, but also the Barrie Community) and then distributed to the shelter by the “Bucket Brigade”. 

Kaity Fotherby can be contacted directly at the Women & Children’s Center 115 Edghill Dr. (705-728-6300).

Salvation Army Bayside Mission Centre

The Centre provides emergency assistance to individuals and families in need of food, clothing and household items. Spiritual counselling is also provided. Volunteers from Trinity help prepare, serve, and clean-up after the evening meal on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month. This spiritually enriching outreach has been a blessing to all concerned.

David Busby Street Centre
Trinity worshipers have had a deep personal and supportive interest in the David Busby Street Centre.  The creation was a result of Mandy Hillyard, a parishioner of Trinity, noticing the number of transients who come to Trinity for assistance.  The centre opened in 1992 with the blessing of the Incumbent, the Rev. Canon David Busby and the wardens.  The drop-n centre was known to be a safe place for people to sit, chat, relax, read or have a cup of coffee.  In 1994, recently retired Canon Busby, who was known for his heart for the poor and disadvantaged, gave permission for his name to be used when the centre became incorporated.  Tragically, Canon David died in an air crash on Nov. 21st 1994. In late 1995, the Centre was officially incorporated and till this day there are representatives of Trinity’s Outreach Committee on the Board of the Street Centre.  For more information on the David Busby Centre please go to or call (705)739-6916.

Retirement Home Ministry
Trinity Clergy and Lay people visit their parishioners in Barrie Retirement and Long Term Senior’s Residences. A number of these Homes have a Service of Holy Communion and Worship Services.

Faith Works
Faith Works raises funds for the most vulnerable members of our community.  These include families in need, youth at risk, people living HIV/AIDS and terminal illnesses, the homeless, prisoners and those with special needs.  Donations can be made through our church or online at or by calling (800) 668-8932 ext. 244.

Primate’s World Relief & Development Fund
The PWRDF was founded as a “not for profit” organization begun by the Anglican Church in response to the Springhill mining disaster in 1958.  Today it is a fully incorporated Christian Organization, working with partners engaging in development work in Canada and abroad, responding to emergencies, working to protect refugees, educating and advocating for change.  For more